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TowboatUS Boston, Beverly, Newburyport & Portsmouth are part of the nationwide BoatUS network of service providers. Members save money every time they use their Membership Card at over 1,000 boating businesses across the country for discounts on fuel, transient slips, repairs, and more. Membership services include the following:

• 24/7 assistance
• Towing
• Dock to Dock towing
• Fuel Deliveries
• Part Deliveries
• Jump Starts
• Soft Groundings
• 25 benefits of BoatUS Membership
• Unlimited Towing Membership just $165/year

*Covered services and pricing are dependent upon your level of membership. Call 978-465-8876 or visit the BoatUS website for more information about your  TowboatUS Membership.

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BoatU.S. Memberships